Artillery embraces a sustainable approach, not only in the services we provide, but also in our own place of work and through the influence we have with others.


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Our Work

We are passionate about minimising our industry’s impact on the environment. We seek to provide clients with an environmental overview of the project at the initial stages, to assist in their understanding and decision making process.  Integral to our delivery, our designers design in a sustainable manner and in line with BREEAM and
Ska principles.


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Depending on our clients’ environmental positioning, Artillery design with the following considerations:-

  • Maximise available daylight and ventilation
  • Utilise materials and products that are either non-toxic, recycled or locally sourced
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Minimise waste and water use
  • Encourage recycling
  • Adding cycling / showering facilities


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In respect to contractor and supplier management we ensure that:-

  • The construction period is monitored and measured to achieve reuse

Our Office

Sustainability is a hot topic, one that often fails to deliver after scrutiny.  Our approach to sustainability is rigorous and deep. Through our management of waste in our office, we have won the Clean City Award six times.

Energy use is minimised, leaving us with a relatively small carbon footprint.  Our initiatives to minimise energy range from environmentally vetting all suppliers and equipment, to hosting a wormery for all organic waste.  Artillery offset any carbon that cannot be reduced or mitigated is offset through the World Land Trust, an organisation that purchase land of strategic biodiversity value that is either in need of reforesting or in danger or being deforested.

Artillery also offers a tailored ‘first step’ consultancy service to some of our clients that want to embrace environmental change but do not know where to start.

Our Influence

Artillery hosts a number of events annually for a variety of our contacts from clients through to contractors and suppliers. We have an annual ‘Imagine’ sustainability conference on the Isle of Wight that attracts over 50 varied attendees each year. This is supplemented by our London based ‘Epic’ series of summer talks, now in its third year and equally well attended. The talks attract key note speakers from the wider conservation, sustainability, adventure and travel arena.

Artillery are a corporate sponsor of the High Five Club, a charitable organisation that helps with African projects involving conflict situations between local population and their occupation of the natural environment in which they live.

Imagine 2011 – 2011’s sustainability conference held on the Isle of Wight

Epic 2011 – Throughout the months of May and June we will be hosting our second series of EPIC talks in our London city offices.

Carbon offsetting – Artillery has offset 22.26 tonnes of carbon to the World Land Trust this year.

Epic 2010 – In August 2010, Artillery held a series of captivating events in relation to sustainability.

Artillery Green – A quarterly e-newsletter promoting topical debate and our proven influence on all green matters.

Imagine 2010 – Our annual sustainability conference held on the Isle of Wight in June.

Artillery SEED – An initiative centred around the integration of sustainable principles within our designs.


Our Policy

Download our Environmental Policy