Victorian Institute of Teaching

Posted: 25th October 2014

The Victorian Institute of Teaching is a statutory authority for the regulation of the teaching profession in Victoria.

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The Institute works across a variety of areas including training, education and legal.

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It required a flexible working space to enable a cross fertilization of ideas whilst maintaining a high level of discretion.

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Collaboration and flexibility within the workplace were the most important factors for our client.

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The concept evolved into capturing the essence of the old school yard.

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The space was designed to bring people together. A mix of informal and formal collaboration zones were provided to suit the various types of interactions.

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Technology and connectivity were integral to all the meeting spaces. Plants, booths, collaborative high benches and high-backed sofas were used in the space. Flexible desking was designed for staffing high peak periods during teacher registration.

When these work zones are not required, these spaces become additional collaboration nodes.

A Hearing Room was part of the design. This space acts as a Court for four – five times a year and a meeting room for the balance.

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