Jim Stynes Grill

Posted: 17th May 2016


The MCC Jim Stynes Grill located in the iconic Melbourne MCG, provides it’s members and those in the sporting community with the ultimate, memorable experience in dining and entertainment.

Jim Stynes Room_003

Taking a fresh approach to the traditional members lounge, Artillery created a modern inspired venue that successfully combines the dual functionality of a restaurant grill and conference space, whilst embracing the legacy of Jim Stynes.

Jim Stynes Room_002

With the ‘theatre of dining’ being the main emphasis, showcasing an impressive new menu and selection of wines and meats, Artillery’s brief was to create a new destination for MCC members with a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  The design has dual functionality of restaurant and conference space.

Jim Stynes Room_009

Enhancing the design parameter of the existing ramp to create equal access was achieved by reducing the size of the main stair, and placing a largescale artwork of Jim Stynes parallel to the ramp, encouraging guests towards the main entry.

Jim Stynes Room_011

Upon entry from the ramp, patrons are welcomed by large sweeping curved pods, encompassing an open kitchen, main bar and wine display, creating a sense of arrival and open visual connection between the MCG ground and Jolimont Park.

Jim Stynes Room_007

The design features of an open kitchen, wine display and charcuterie add a sense of theatre, which are separated to ensure interesting elements are seen when the room is divided into two for events.

Jim Stynes Room_024

As an homage to the Irish born Jim Stynes, green is selectively used throughout the space, whilst the introduction of cedar cladding is mused with traditional dark timber of the MCC members lounge.

Jim Stynes Room_005

A refined palette of timber, green and brass is complemented by light oak furniture, creating a fresh and sophisticated setting. Smoked oak timber and green leather banquet seating paired with cedar cladding and feature lighting creates an intimate corner in the room.

Jim Stynes Room_010

Low level elegant lighting of glass and brass brings a sculptural element, enhancing mood and atmosphere, providing the finishing touch.

Jim Stynes Room_006


Jim Stynes Room_018


Jim Stynes Room_017a


Jim Stynes Room_029