Kryolan Cosmetics

Posted: 25th October 2014

Kyrolan was founded in Germany 66 years ago as a professional makeup and cosmetic company.


In 1978 Marshal Caffyn, an Australian pharmacist, started to produce and offer the range to performers of film, stage and TV. More recently the company’s product has become highly sought after by the general beauty market.


This new market, informed the design of the formerly and literally ‘underground’ shop.


Makeup is derived from a scientific process and this framed the approach in conceptualizing the form and impact of its volume. The cultural market shift, history, science and functional requirements became the catalyst for informing the design process.


Biomorphic design was explored in the organic form of the bulbous mezzanine which also acts as an office/training facility above. Inspiration drawn from the natural environment and biology seemed to be a fitting metaphor for the science used to make the makeup.


Each lipstick is hand made in a handheld, metal, lipstick mould. It is this artisan approach that led to the “Craftsman” concept behind the design. The key aesthetic and functional elements of the project were handmade by craftsmen supported by contemporary processes.

8of9_optMachinery was in the minority.  For example; the plaster on the bulbous ceiling was handmade in several large moulds and then carefully assembled and finished on site; the chevron, herringbone, floor required attention to detail at every intersection when being laid; a small, local joiner and furniture maker was selected to make the cabinetry; acrylic drawers housing contents of make-up palettes (e.g. discs of eye shadows and foundation) were custom designed and made.