Posted: 3rd August 2014

Artillery was appointed to work with Hospira to establish a detailed accommodation brief for a new workplace that would see staff from 3 separate locations come together ‘under one roof’.

hospira 27

A relatively new brand in the Australian market, Hospira saw the opportunity to use the project to increase brand presence and awareness, not only externally but amongst their own employees who were to some degree operating in silos.

hospira 31

In the process of gaining greater understanding of Hospira’s vision, values and culture, Hospira’s trademark of Advancing Wellness TM stood out as symbolising both what the business offers their customers, but also a desirable outcome for the new workplace.

hospira 12

The workplace was to provide a ‘formula for wellness’ and draw Hospira employees together, creating a sense of ‘being a part of something big’.

hospira 57

The planning of the interior revolves around large areas of flexible open plan workspace, ‘the river’, bounded by ‘the banks’ of storage, collaboration and quiet space.

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A1182_perspective reception colour


A1182_perspective breakout colour


A1182_boardwalk concept