Global Professional Consulting Firm

Posted: 3rd August 2014

Our client, a global professional consulting firm, is like a doctor for organisations.


The firm is appointed by often competing businesses / political parties to advise on business, approach, policy etc. It is for this reason that the organisation is fragmented for much of the time in order to keep information safe. Teams are formed to work on projects for a set duration.


Cross-fertilization of ideas mostly occurs within the smaller project team.  Despite this, our client wanted the design of their new office to reflect the power of one firm. It was crucial that team members were not isolated and that collaboration on neutral territory was possible.


Artillery was selected as a result of a design ideas competition. Our approach was to identify the conflicts (e.g. privacy vs. openness) and dissect them into opportunities. It is for this reason; very flexible offices were created that can easily adapt into meeting rooms.


Also, as team numbers change and as managing partners change, team offices adapt into multiple layouts using flexible desking. The function wall accommodates shelves and accessories while at the same time being a magnetic whiteboard.


Creating collaboration on neutral territory became a key driver for the project. This is where the broader team interacts. A large amount of office space is dedicated to a collaborative corridor culminating in a large breakout area.


The goal of the corridor was to create a central “sunlit” courtyard and to provide natural connection to internal rooms. A white steel structure spanning the courtyard is covered in planting.


This structure meanders its way up and down forming standing benches, seated areas and entry ways.

breakout amended_FINAL


ribbon tubular steelFINAL