Domain Group

Posted: 5th May 2016

Domain Group, a Fairfax Media company, is one of Australia’s leading real estate destinations offering an integrated multi-platform solution that spans online,  print and mobile for the real estate industry, as well as home buyers, investors, sellers and renters.

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The Melbourne office is predominately editorial, finance and sales.

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Artillery’s brief was to create a space that encourages collaboration between teams and establishes an integrated culture within the Domain workplace.

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Flexibility was required for open and closed conversations along with spaces for creative thinking and client entertaining.  A variety of options for connectivity was deemed paramount.

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Artillery provided a solution to the need for a variety of spaces through clever planning and a diversity of space,  marked by sculptural elements.

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Angled walls, irregular shaped furniture and ‘ribbon like’ creative zones are key – giving the space a distinctly contemporary edge.

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Limitations with the ceiling and the desire for natural light, created a need for walls to be lower. This was the origin to the idea of the ‘hut’ meeting room – a subtle reference to the real estate market.

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The space was designed to be a visual statement of the brand, striking a balance between commercial and residential, reflecting the clients they represent.

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A palette of blonde, muted greys and blues established a calming atmosphere and timeless aesthetic, whilst a home-like environment is referenced with relaxed furniture, feature lighting and soft furnishings.

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