Amnesty International HQ

Posted: 29th October 2014

Artillery’s brief was to provide an office which reflected: freedom, light and hope. 


The space had to declare that ‘Amnesty is a professional force to be reckoned with’. Having signed an international agreement ensuring a best practice approach to sustainability and accessibility, Amnesty required this be supported in the design of their new office.


A limited budget, quick time-frame and unique building constraints were a challenge to the design team.


A concept and kit of parts were developed prior to the building being selected due to the short programme.


The concept influenced strategic building changes which included two structural openings in the central wall linking the east and west halves.


The openings enabled the reception to be located in the darkest part of the floor, freeing up naturally lit floor space for teams.


The outcome is a space which reflects a non-corporate yet professional approach to Amnesty’s new home.