AMREP Training Facility

Posted: 28th April 2015

Artillery was engaged by Alfred Health to provide improved and extended facilities for increased need of quality training facilities within the hospital precinct.


The intention was to improve the functionality of some existing meeting rooms and provide new facilities to better utilise space within the AMREP Library collections area.


The AMREP training facilities project was conceived within a master-planning framework and new ‘learning hub’ approach to foster creativity, collaboration and interaction in training.


A key aspect of the project is flexibility in the spatial configuration of the rooms which can changed to reflect the unique requirements of each training session


Our approach involved the use of natural light and a sense of transparency while maintaining a high level of acoustic privacy with double glazed partitions. Some rooms are divided with operable walls allowing the spaces to be changed to suit group sizes and needs.


A key feature to the design is the use of colour and texture to encourage a creative atmosphere for learning and interaction.


All wall surfaces can be used for note taking and brainstorming through the use of pinnable surfaces, write-on wall paint and glazed screens.


The use of integrated technologies, video-conferencing and wifi provide a new level of connectivity supporting the progressive nature of the facilities.